BBF Ltd. operates the management and sales of the mail order service (referred to below as this service) at the “AZUL BY MOUSSY OFFICIAL WEBSITE” (referred to below as this website), the official website of Baroque Japan Limited’s “AZUL BY MOUSSY” brand.

Whilst operating this service Baroque Japan Limited and BBF Ltd. (referred to below as our company) will comply with laws on the protection of personal information, and place the utmost importance on the responsible collection, usage and management of personal data, to ensure that consumers can use this service with confidence.
The way that our company uses and manages personal information is outlined below in our privacy policy (referred to below as this privacy policy).

  1. Personal Information
    In this privacy policy, “personal information” refers to a single or multiple articles of attribute information including name; gender; date of birth; membership ID; password; email address; postal address; phone number; place of work; department name; job title; occupation; credit card information; purchase history; other contact details and information pertaining to purchases, that identify a specific individual, as specified by the Personal Information and Protection Law (2003).
  2. Use of Personal Information
    • Our company will protect personal information carefully and, unless otherwise permitted by the Personal Information and Protection Law (2003) and other applicable laws, will not, without consent, disclose to third parties any personally identifiable information.
    • Our company will use personal information for the purposes outlined in the following article. In the event our company provides a service via magazines and other print publications; television; radio; and websites, owned by affiliated media companies, our company will use personal information in cooperation with these companies as outlined in the following article.
  3. Purposes of use of personal information
    Our company will use personal information to provide a better service only for the purposes outlined below or those indicated when the information was acquired.
    1. For the purpose of identification, management and notification of consumers and management of registered member/users.
    2. For the purpose of simplifying member registration and other procedures when using services that require registration with the website operated by our company.
    3. Marketing of our company’s products, digital content and services.
    4. Packaging and shipping services for goods purchased by the end user (“our company” includes the services of packaging and shipping management companies).
    5. Billing related services (billing calculation, invoicing etc.)
    6. Notifications pertaining to services offered by our company. Operation of campaigns and surveys etc. (Including by e-mail)
    7. Marketing information, advertisements and publicity for products offered by our company and third parties.
    8. Provision of the newsletter service.
    9. Performance of services handled by affiliated companies as well as the provision of information within in the confines of the law.
    10. The use of rights or fulfillment of liabilities based on the stipulations of laws, contracts and regulations.
    11. Hiring, Employment.
    12. Dealing with various enquiries, notifications, contact and after-sales support for end-users.
    13. Dealing with queries and complaints from end-users.
  4. Management of personal information
    Our company employs a personal information manger who manages the department responsible for personal information, enforces relevant management of personal information and implements guidance on the protection of personal information at our company.
  5. Disclosure, amendment, cessation of use and removal of personal information
    Our company confirms that, under the Personal Information and Protection Law (2003) and other applicable laws, the end-user has the right to request the disclosure of; amendment of; addition to; deletion of; cessation of use of; removal of; cessation of provision to third parties of; or notification of our intentions of use of, any personal information held concerning them. Our company will promptly respond to any requests to do so in accordance with our company’s personal information rules and regulations.
  6. Security
    In order to prevent unauthorized access from third parties when you provide us with personal information through company’s website, our company utilizes SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption technology, the industry-standard encryption method, to encrypt data. Our company protects important personal information by encryption communication and endeavours to ensure its safety. In addition, we will strictly control personal information in accordance with our company’s codes of conduct, and take preventative measures against unauthorized access, loss, destruction, alteration, disclosure and viral infection of personal information through the use of firewalls and anti-virus.
  7. Cookies
    Our company’s website utilizes technology called cookies. Cookies work by temporarily saving certain information onto an end-user’s computer or other device, and using that information to identify the user when they connect to the website. Our company offers services based on the use of cookies. If you do not accept cookies you may be unable to take full advantage of some of our services. You can set your browser to accept or decline cookies. Please check your settings if required.
  8. Provision of information to affiliated businesses or third party links
    Our company does not have any control over the use of information collected on the websites of affiliated businesses and third party websites and services, accessible through our company’s website or websites that this website has links to. Therefore, our company does not accept liability or responsibility for the independent regulations and actions of such companies. Please refer to the privacy policy of the respective website.
  9. Renewal of the privacy policy
    As required by changes to laws, we may be required to amend this privacy policy in order to ensure the protection of personal information.
  10. Procedure for dealing with requests for disclosure of personal information
    Requests to disclose; amend; add; delete; cease using; remove or cease providing third parties with personal information will be dealt with promptly by the relevant department at our company.